Celebrating Black History

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From discovering a prehistoric archaeological site to founding a private school that has grown into a nationally recognized university, African Americans have made significant contributions to our city's heritage and history. We value these influential leaders and celebrate their achievements.

Banners on roadways recognize Black leaders WEB_Banners_Feb 24 2021

In a spirit of unity, the city partnered with the Midtown Community Development Corporation and developed a street banner series in the Midtown area. The banners feature local African American pioneers are displayed on International Speedway Boulevard, from Nova Road to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. For individual's biographical information, please visit this webpage

Icons include:

  • Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune
  • Mary Evelyn Bonner
  • Rose Marie Bryon
  • Minnie Wiggins Campbell
  • Charles W. Cherry Sr.
  • Samuel James “Rip” Collins Jr.
  • Dr. Evelyn Stocking Crosslin
  • James E. Huger Sr.
  • Keturah Thompson Jackson
  • Merrell Charles Lloyd
  • Dr. Richard V. Moore Sr.
  • Jack (Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson
  • Yvonne Scarlett-Golden
  • LeRosa Smith
  • Herbert Thompson
  • Howard Thurman

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. honored for MLK Day EC_MLK Banners_Jan 15 2021

In January 2021, banners honoring the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were installed on street poles on International Speedway Boulevard from Nova Road to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 

Featuring seven powerful quotes by the masterful orator, Commissioners Stacy Cantu (Zone 4), Quanita May (Zone 3) and Paula R. Reed (Zone 6) and Mayor Derrick Henry joined community leaders by the street pole banners in a public ceremony to remember the social rights activist on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The banners are part of an initiative led by the Midtown Community Development Corporation and Zone 6 City Commissioner Paula R. Reed. The City of Daytona Beach is a sponsor of the initiative along with the Greater Union Life Center, the Midtown Community Development Corporation, Daytona Beach Branch NAACP, the F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival and Identity Church.

Black Heritage Trail

To most residents and visitors, Daytona Beach is best known as the “World's Most Famous Beach." But much of the city’s history, especially that of its African American citizens, is little known and even less recognized. The Daytona Beach Black Heritage Trail is designed to illustrate the many aspects of the city’s black heritage.

Share the Heritage Trail – African American Heritage

The Daytona Beach Area Convention and Visitors Bureau has created a Share The Heritage Trail, which encourages visitors to explore the Daytona Beach area’s rich African American history, historical sites and legendary legacies. View their map and learn more about these influential local Black leaders.