Claiming Firearms

The release of firearms is governed by how the weapon is classified (Evidence or Safekeeping).

All persons claiming a firearm are subject to a background check for prior felony convictions.

Firearms may not be released to a convicted felon. If there is any question about the adjudication of a charge(s), the weapon will not be released until the issue is resolved.

To begin the process for the background check all claimants must complete and submit the Firearm Reclaim Transaction Form (PDF).

All Firearm Reclaim Transaction Form submissions must have contact information attached.

The Firearm Reclaim Transaction Form can be submitted

  • In person during the hours of operation (see above).
  • By fax or mail (see above).

If you need more information, contact Property & Evidence (P & E) during normal business hours.

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    Kezia Robinson

    Property & Evidence Supervisor