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Posted on: October 12, 2021

Road resurfacing program fully funded

Daytona Beach Neighborhood Roadway Improvements

In the new fiscal year’s budget, there is $4,450,000 dedicated to maintaining, rehabilitating and repaving neighborhood streets. The city’s popular repaving program is in its fourth year and to date, more than 106 lane miles of residential streets have been resurfaced.

About 22 lane miles of roads – throughout all commission zones – are proposed to be completed before next fall. Most selected streets will undergo routine repaving; however, some require a more intensive rehabilitation process because the roadway’s base has deteriorated to the point where it has lost its structural integrity.  

Staff is currently determining the phasing of the upcoming work, and a schedule will be released as soon as it is available. Here is a list of proposed streets

In addition to streets being improved, parking lots at Daisy Stocking Park, Daytona Beach Golf Club and the Public Works’ facility on Bellevue Avenue are scheduled for pavement overlays to ensure public safety and accessibility. 

Street survey starting soon

Starting October, staff will evaluate the condition of all city streets using the Pavement Surface & Rating (PASER) system, which gives roads a rating from one to 10 (one is the worst and 10 is the best). The last time streets were rated was in 2020. 

The condition of the roads selected in this year’s work plan are rated between a 4 and 5, with some, which need more extensive work, as a 2 and 3.

core and 10 is the best) is widely used by communities and road agencies across the country. A roadway's rating determines what type of maintenance is required, minimal or extensive. 

Maintenance Category
Routine Minor Maintenance

Differences between Routine Minor Maintenance, Resurfacing and Reconstruction 

Routine minor maintenance: Occasionally required through life of roadway; includes right-of-way mowing, sign replacement, striping, and repairs to shoulders, sidewalks and ramps.  

Resurfacing: Removing the top layer of asphalt and replacing it with a new surface layer; generally needs to be done every 20 years on average with higher volume roadways needing more frequent resurfacing. An average cost for resurfacing work is about $100,000 per lane mile (12’ width x 1-mile length).  

Reconstruction: Most involved and costly option. Necessary when the roadway base has deteriorated to the point where it loses structural strength to support the weight of traffic. This process involves removing the entire pavement and base material, reworking and recompacting the base material (about 8”-10” below the asphalt), and replacing the asphalt layer(s). The average cost is approximately $500,000 per lane mile. Fortunately, the list of roadways in this maintenance category is relatively short in Daytona Beach. 

Roadways are selected based on the condition rating and if there is any necessary underground utility work, as is often the case, and the amount of traffic on the roadway. These projects tend to be longer term since many of these roadways need extensive utility work (for example Grandview Avenue), and this coordination and construction can take years to design and complete. 



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